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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Unicorn Training Bosses: Cut & Frost

     I got a bunch of boss development time yesterday and went to town! I finished 2 more bosses and have the rest setup so I can easily finish them before the weekend even starts! That's the current plan at least. We'll see if school has something else in mind. Check out the boss descriptions below!

     The Cut Spell boss is a spinning saw of doom that moves up and down while firing cut spells from its sides. Touching the blades hurts just as much as touching Drillor (which is a lot). I gave it a relatively small amount of health to even out its difficulty. I also suspect that this will be a lot of people's first dungeon because of its position at the top of the dungeon select list. This is also the boss I want in the game's demo version.

     The Frost Spell Boss is a boss with 3 heads on a slab that moves up and down on ice that is meant to seem slippery (despite it not being coded that way). Each head has a tiny amount of health compared to the other bosses which makes the fight interesting as you take them out bit-by-bit. They shoot electricity wads at you in order but you can disrupt their flow by damaging the heads one at a time. To make things a bit harder I added invincible turrets to the room and put a copy of the boss on the opposite side of the map.

    One detail left to add to boss rooms are the breakable boulders. I want big rocks that crumble as you shoot at them, like Jelwads but with less animation and a constant size. Those same boulders will be used in the overworld as obstacles.

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