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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Status Report #59 (Prefabs Placed & Live Spriting Session)

     This week's distractions include Smash Bros, a school mini-carnival (free for students), and tons of incredibly frustrating homework. Despite it all I made tons of progress with Unicorn Training and have a world full of enemies and items! Next week is a 3-day weekend too, so I'll have tons of dev time then. I might even get everything but music done!

Look at this week in review below!

  • Placed GameObject Prefabs
  • Drew Sprites In Front Of A Crowd (PCT GameDevs)
  • Hid Treasures Throughout The Overworld
     Lessons Learned:
  • It Feels Like I'm Constantly Flying When I'm This Close To The End
       I went over all the Unicorn Training rooms again to rearrange where players will get certain items. The equippables were too easy to gather before so I hid some throughout dungeons to make them harder to find. This also keeps dungeons interesting as players feel rewarded for venturing onward.

     It's a shame that two items in particular are basically worthless in this game. The Splashers and Firesteps are horseshoes that were meant for sections of the game I cut out. Without them there are only 2 horseshoes to choose from so I want them in for variety's sake. Given that the entire potion system is broken I might as well mark this as another design flaw. I'll just turn it into a joke through the description when you pick them up for the first time: "not particularly useful in this forest...". Allude further to how great it would be to leave the area and explore more of Equica in the future.


   Nothing left to see on iOS now that my license is dead...

       My skill is always improving and I keep picking up new things that will my next project better than the last. Unicorn Training doesn't come close to the Unicorn Quest that I see in my head. I can see myself doing a remake of Unicorn Training already. Same world setup, completely different mechanics, and a major boost in final quality. Maybe it'll be a fun thing to do in a few years.

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