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Thursday, October 23, 2014

New Class Schedule (Project Schedule Change)

     I did my class scheduling on Thursday and the fact that I forgot about semester exclusivity existing threw my entire school plan into chaos. I was counting on all my senior year classes being the easy stuff but now a lot of ones I was planning to get over sooner rather than later are scattered over the next 3 semesters.

    My biggest worry with this is how I'm going to manage overlapping projects. I don't expect my Pokemon style game to be out until next November and that only gives me a month to produce a playable demo for the class. The last few months of development are going to be mostly testing and getting feedback from as many people as possible so I may be able to work on both projects together if I split dev duty in half. Since I don't want to mix messages right around the most important launch I've ever had I could just hold back on mentioning my capstone game's development until the mobile game's ship has long since sailed.

    I'm wondering if it may be wiser to just spend a couple weeks tossing a simple game together for the class and leaving it there. I'll need to sleep on this stuff but right now I'm sticking with the plan to set out to make the Unicorn Quest I see in my head in it's simplest form (town, area, enemies, boss) for  grade. I can call it a prototype and glaze over the details while I focus more on the game about to launch.

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