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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ideas For Building Characters (Mobile RPG)

     I spent a lot of time looking at a bunch of Pokemon theories (non-creepypasta ones) that explained a lot of logic games in the game's world. things like how the world came into existence, how one monster can become another through generations of breeding/mutation, and why there is a limit to how many moves can be used. It's a way to get me thinking about how to make my own world full of characters that don't feel like generic stand-ins.

    You can see a few standout videos I saw on Gnoggin's YouTube channel and catch what I took away from the experience as a gamedev below the break.

     I plan on making an ongoing series in the spirit of Pokemon for my mobile project so I considered this as research on world building where I can see what details I could add to the game to give certain things deeper meaning and make characters feel like they all belong. Fans are able to find reasoning behind things never explained in canon, things devs overlooked the first time through or hoped nobody would notice. I think addressing these details in a passive way will turn fans into hardcore fans and build a community for my own creation.

    My biggest takeaway was the feeling I got when I thought hard about making monsters in my world feel as if they've existed since the dawn of time and evolved with the world and each other. I want to build an ecosystem that makes sense and have species that feel like they're biologically connected. I always wanted each of my game's monsters to feel unique and necessary (not just generic fire animal #2) but this exercise has got me thinking harder about the subtle stuff I won't be pointing out directly in the game.

    It's nice to do all this pre-brainstorming before setting out to seriously begin development because it gives time for ideas to simmer together. I can see what ideas stick when I'm not hyper bout how great a proposal sounds the instant it's imagined. I'm more excited  than ever to make a game that really is a world people would want to live in.

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