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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Status Report #58 (Comic-Con, Bosses, Classwork Pitch)

     I can kiss a nice chunk of gamedev goodbye for a few weeks because smash bros hit yesterday and this series defines every console it's on for me. I still promise to hold true to my ideal (Sunday is 100% gamedev time) but as for weekdays & Saturday, I'll be super smashing until Pokemon comes out. That's when I'll be switching between the two and really getting nothing done.

    Sure hope I finish these last few things with Unicorn Training before then! Check out what I did during my last week of productivity below.

I played the Unicorn Training Alpha video on my PS3 to see it on a big screen.
It was a fun experience.

  • Looked At Tons Of Apartments I'd Love To Move To In 2 Years (I Need A Place To Indie Dev!)
  • Making A Maze Generator In Unity For Programming Class
  • Wildcat Comic-Con Happened
  • Shield, Cut, Frost, and Bounce Bosses Functional
  • PCT GameDev Meetings Are More Organized (As Attendance Drops)
  • Working On Pitch To Change Classwork Instead Of Gaming Curriculum
     Lessons Learned:
  • I Love The World Of Equica And Can't Wait To Do More With It
  • If I Didn't Have School Anymore I'd Have Time For Projects Like Ocarina Of Time 2D
  • Both Notch and Pendleton Ward Got Sick From The Stress of Success. If That Happens To Me, Would I Get Tired of It Too?
       I am spending a tremendous amount of downtime (between classes, laying in bed, etc.) looking at apartments in Florida to get an idea of what I'm looking for when I finally get to move out on my own. Financially and physically. I need a place to work on my games and a place to be happy living the dream. I even got into looking up tax deductible home offices and decided against it since that would mean that room is exclusively for meetings and working.

     I have no idea how the IRS would know what I'm doing in any given room in my house, but I don't feel like cheating the system. Basically I'm daydreaming about the glorious day when I wake up and don't have to be anywhere I don't want to.


   No More iOS... So empty...Fish Feaster. Never forget it. By the way, I like how the data looks when I don't include the top part that says "Downloads". Just look at the numbers and the pretty spikes.

     Another week of experience gained in this incubation period called college years... I'm closer to being the man I want to be post-graduation. A game developer capable of producing great things consistently.

     The difference between my old messy enemy code and my current messy enemy code is really jarring to me. The old stuff if practically illegible, a tangled mess not to be messed with. The new stuff just makes me yearn for the more solid foundation Unicorn Quest will provide with grid based combat. I'll be sure to keep things clean and commented when I'm working on that one. Once I'm done with these AI behaviors I likely won't touch the script files again.

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