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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Gaming & Simulation Final Exam

     For my final exam in my  Gaming & Simulation Design Principles I course, my group had to present our game idea that we will be implementing in Design Principles II next semester. We talked about Mach-Arena and basically went over the design document to get the other groups and the teacher up to speed. My group went first, allowing us to relax and watch the other presentations for the rest of the time. 

     There was a good variety of games designed this year. Two Amnesia: The Dark Decent style games, our racing deathmatch, and a dynamic perma-death RPG are the ones I know about. There are two classes going on at the same time and I have yet to see what the other class groups have made. I will get to see them next semester though, when we're all in one room making our game ideas work.

     I really liked hearing other presentations and it made me wish I could live in a fantasy world, working with every group on their games instead of having regular classes. Each project sounds exciting and thoughts of the fun I'll be having next year makes all the annoyance school gave me last semester worthwhile. I finally get to start learning how to make 3D games by bringing Mach-Arena to life and I get to work with a team!

     You can find the full GDD here, but the image quality is really poor. I'm trying to find a way to post entire Word documents on Blogger without copy/paste and broken formatting. Any shortcuts or suggestions would be appreciated. I also censored the names of my group members in case they don't want their identities floating around on the web.

     I'd like to have this game completed by May and released on the web for free if possible. 

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