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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

DragCore Unity Setup

     Feels so very good being here again. I'm back into Unity making all the little game pieces work together. It's really my favorite part. Having a playable prototype and beautiful art assets just beats everything. My parents are also giving me newfound respect for development. That basically amounts to less chores and interruptions while they let me do my thing. I love that. I get to just focus all month and finish this game. Now that we're on the last mile of the race, I'd like to explain how I set up Unity to make things easy and efficient.

     The header image is what I'm staring at while I get all 80+ folders of animated sprites to work. It's just a matter of clicking through each folder in the Project window and changing the numbers and sprites for each animation sequence. I did the work of making all the folders and copying my sprites into the correct locations earlier. This is all a process that's taking a few days and it gets really repetitive.

     It's not too repetitive since I have a nice flow going and minimized redundant tasks as best I could. I think the only things I'd change for future projects are having more Sprite Collections to put things into. If I check the GUICollection object where I store all the button sprites, I have to scroll for about a minute to reach the bottom. It's kind of a pain, but way less stressful than it was in previous projects because of the very specific folder organization I made for this. In older games I just put all sprites together or just isolated the menu and button sprites.

     There's really not much to see until I get the menus working. I gave everything a custom collision box and played around with the camera to prepare for scaling on larger devices. All that's left is finishing the animations and following the design document to get the game loop running. It's taking a while but I'm sure I'll actually be done with the animations later tonight.

Indie Chatter
     I keep it entertaining by listening to this guy talk about indie development while I make all the animations. He has hours of videos to keep me company while I do lot of repetitive stuff. It's also nice to hear about things he's going through with living on his own and making just enough from his games to get by.

     I just eat that stuff up nowadays. I'm a sucker for any indie development story. It pushes me along while I'm trying to make my own story work out.

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