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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Learning Animations

     One of the things I'm planning to learn from making DragCore is Unity Animations. I'm using 2D Toolkit animated sprites to make animations. Mastering this is key to my future games where smooth animations will make all the difference graphically. I also need to figure out how to make animations efficiently so I can make large games that load quickly and don't lag when multiple objects or moving on screen.

     I also found another indie game development documentary yesterday. Inspirational stuff, but it's also a bit vulgar. I'd swear a lot too if I had to work two min-wage jobs and live alone for 5 years while trying to get a game off the ground. It shows just how stressful life can be when you're just starting out as an indie. Lot's of people really do have it worse than me and I'm very lucky that my parents are giving me a head start.

   Check it out if you're interested in that stuff. I'd also recommend seeing the extended interviews on his channel to hear from the other members of the indie team. Now that all my assets are ready, I'm going to finish my design document and start putting my own game together.

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