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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fish Feaster Gets A Review?

     I got a confirmed review for Fish Feaster on the way from I looked them up and it seems to be one of those review sites where you have to pay to be featured and reviewed. These types of sites should be avoided because you're only paying to be shown to the thousands of other developers visiting the site to get their own apps reviewed. Sites like this help get your app out there, but the wrong people are seeing it. If your game is worth reviewing, they will come for free in time. Although, for some apps, these shady artificial reviews could lead to genuine ones once enough people see your product out there.

     What surprised me about Best10Apps though, was them coming to me with not a offer for paid promotion, but just requesting information. They just wanted the description of my app to pair with a review. The negative side of me says they probably populate their homepage with random apps and descriptions altered slightly to resemble reviews, but the positive side of me is excited to have something out there focused on Fish Feaster. Whatever goes I suppose. I could use the Google hits and as long as it's free, any review site can have my app descriptions.

Take a look for yourself.

Here is an image of what I found when I looked em up.

Seeing sites like this always throws up a red flag.

This is what I sent in response. 

Hi Vita,

Here is a basic description of Fish Feaster:

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Pick a colorful fish and eat smaller ones to grow big enough to rule the sea!

Fish Feaster uses fluid and precise touch controls perfectly suited for mobile devices.
That means no frustrating tilting or wonky virtual sticks! Just touch where you want your fish to go and 
it swims there, or you can tap another fish to lock-on and chase it down.

Eat smaller fish to fill up a growth meter. After filling it enough, your fish will have 
a growth spurt and be able to eat fish that once chased you around! Eating fish in quick succession fills up 
a frenzy bar that makes you grow even faster! Fill up the growth meter to complete the stage. Beat 10 stages to 
unlock a colorful new world.

Inline image 4 Inline image 5 Inline image 6

Fish Feaster Features:
~ 10 Colorful Fish to Play as
~ 6 Beautiful Worlds to swim through
~ 4 Difficulties, each with a medal to earn
~ Arcade and Feast Mode game types
~ Boat-Loads of fish to eat and dodge
~ Deadly Predators like Sharks, Barracudas, and Eels
~ Obstacles like Mines, Jellyfish, and Puffer Fish
~ Smooth Controls and Challenging Gameplay

You can also find a free demo version on the app store.

Thanks for the Review,
Tony Yotes

Update: The "review" is here. It's a copy/paste of the description. Vita followed up with a promotion offer for a few hundred dollars. That's how this stuff goes. I get promotions from plenty of translation companies and ad agencies. Like I said, at least the info is out there. The search results on Google help a little. No harm done.

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