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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Being More Social

     Social networking involves a lot of socializing, not just throwing up links and ads. I've been more active on Twitter in the past few weeks and the results speak for themselves. I went from 150 followers  (3 months on Twitter) to over 350 in two days. Surprisingly, it wasn't from follow backs. Most of my followers reacted to my comments and discovered me that way. I'm far from famous though, so don't think of me as some Social Media Master. These are just techniques I'm trying out to see if they work in my favor.

     My mission on Twitter is to leave a good impression on as many people as possible. I do this by following tons of people, a variety that's interesting in the same stuff that I am. That way, I'm more likely to find tweets on subjects I have something to say about or I may come across an opportunity to make a joke the other person (or person's) will understand.

     It's like picking who to hang out with at school and just chatting it up about whatever common interest there is. For an indie developer working with social media, it becomes a way of making you seem more friendly and human. Yeah, you're trying to get you games and get attention but you're also willing to geek out about the Doctor Who Christmas Special (which rocked) and cheer somebody up when they're having a rough time.

     Kindness is often returned and people that like you are more likely to respond positively when you announce you have something to sell. Making such impressions on big names could also help a lot with getting word of mouth going. A simple retweet could lead to thousands of people discovering you at once which is a very good position to be in.

     So if you're shy on Twitter, give being nice and funny a try. It'll put some goodwill out there and get a few more people to notice you. Moore specifically, people who don't already subscribe to game development blogs. Twitter is basically the world's biggest chat room. Strangers are completely fine with talking to each other there as long as you aren't rude or too weird.

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