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Friday, December 13, 2013

Samsung Seller Office Problems

      I'm getting all kinds of errors when trying to put my games on the Samsung Seller Office. My 100% Indie Account sends me broken emails and app submissions are closing in a week. It's way too close to the holiday rush to even bother with this stuff. I'm just going to wait for my new 100% Indie Account to go through and try again when DragCore is done.

      Sure, I'll miss the holiday rush but Samsung devices can still get to Google Play. The only advantage I'm missing is exposure on the Samsung marketplace and I'm pretty sure TriGrid and Candy Shop Catch won't be on the top of the "holiday must have" list.

      I'll be on top of things later, I'll be trying crazy hard to get my platformer (coming after the board game) featured during the holiday rush just to know what it's like. If anyone else is on Samsung's 100% Indie campaign, I could totally use some insider tips on how this all works. All I know so far is what I could find when looking around on their website.

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