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Monday, December 2, 2013

New Device Resolution Strategy

     I admit to being a complete dunderhead when it comes to making a game fit all resolutions. I found it hard to wrap my head around making a game that fits all the resolution combinations out there. I tried making TriGrid fit everything by upscaling the smallest resolution. With Fish Feaster I did the same but stretched the background to compensate for iPhone 5's longer screen. When I made Candy Shop Catch I had HD and SD resolutions programmed in, which doubled the amount of assets in the game (a colossal waste of space).

     With my newest creation, I'm trying a new method that will hopefully be kind to memory and easy to code. I thought of it when I finished up Candy Shop Catch and face-palmed at how obvious the solution really is...

     Just move the camera. Use zooming to make the sprites fit on screen in either HD (normal) or SD (zoom out) and use code to align things based on screen dimensions. I'll test this stuff to see how it turns out.

     What really brought this home was seeing this in the documentation for the 2D Toolkit I use.

"Coping with different resolutions.

2D Toolkit discourages scaling objects based on resolution. In almost every single case, it will be far more efficient to simply adjust your camera to compensate. The tk2dCamera resolution overrides are built specifically to address this."

      Stuff like this is why I'm not making my dream game yet. I need to learn from s many mistakes as I can before jumping onto something so huge. With this behind me, hopefully my stuff will look really good.

     Back to school for me. Vacation is over and it's time to face finals week. I've been too held up with real life to care much for meaningless memorized questions. Have mercy on my soul.

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