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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Unicorn Quest's Common Enemies

     These are the grunts you'll be fighting the most often. You can fight off a lot of other baddies too, but these are the small guys that big guys can spit out. Save for a special few, these enemies don't have health based on points but are just defeated by being hit a certain way.

See descriptions for each common baddie below.

     As you'll see, I named these things randomly for the most part. That's mostly because they're not really meant to be identified by name. Unlike the bosses, most of the common baddies you blast don't ever get called by name in dialogue. The name is mostly a way for me to remember each one as I'm coding their GameObject files.

     This guy is stationary and surrounded by colorful diamonds that shoot you if you stand in front of them. Each diamond only survives one hit then disappears. Clear them out and this guy is defenseless. The center has a rather large healthbar, but it's no match for a leveled up unicorn apprentice.

     These guys move horizontally and bump off walls, enemies, and innocent bystanders. Touching its drill hurts a lot and if you stand in its way it'll charge at you at terrifying speeds. Whenever you get within range, it'll try shooting a laser ball at you too, so beating it isn't just a matter of standing in one place and shooting as it goes by. There were going to be vertical versions, but I couldn't get them to look just right so I'll make a different kind of enemy that does that.

     These things float in place until a wandering pony steps too close. If Cloveer gets near it, it'll start following her for the rest of the battle, orbiting around and shooting energy balls until it get's shot out of the sky. Orbitols only take one hit to kill.

     Chemball is a unique elemental kind of enemy. It is sometimes spawned from fire based attacks and is immune to most damage inflicting spells. Only Surge, Splash, and Frost can defeat it. Chemball sends out a slow and tiny flame at you that creeps along the ground every second it's alive. They're most dangerous in big numbers. A certain fire boss will be creating plenty so that water spell is going to come in handy.

     This gooey orb has 4 orbiting balls around it. The balls prevent any damage inflicting spells from getting to the vulnerable center. The glowing ball actually shoots back at the attacker if it's hit. Clover's blast spell is skinny enough for a well-timed shot to slip though a gap and do some damage. The easiest way to deal with this thing is to use a long reaching surge spell that can bypass the orbiting balls. Caution is required because touching the orbiting balls does damage. Landing a hit on the center causes one of the orbiting balls to go flying and bounce off walls (they can still do damage when bouncing) which widens the gap, and causes the balls to orbit faster. The attack ball is always the last to go.

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