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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Status Report #44

     Things have been nutty all week and I'm still miles away from my work desk! Last week I finished up the text box in 2 days (instead of a week like I planned for) and spread out the posts this week to keep the site alive while I was away! I'll return home on Monday so there's still a couple of out of sync posts yet to go live. Even though I'm not working this week I need made an effort to post up to date downloads info below!

Here's a nice vacation week status report!

(Update: If you're seeing this, I was unable to get internet access where I am right now so there are no downloads charts this week. This is a backup post being put up on a timer. I'll update this on Tuesday with the charts up to that date.)

  • Complete Text Box System
  • Character Portrait Faces Left or Right Based on Speaker's Position
  • Complete NPC Pony (Brains & All!)
  • Worked On Draft For Houses/Buildings
  • TONS of Mechanics Ideas Written for Next Game
  • Relaxation & Peace of Mind
     Lessons Learned:
  • I Really Needed a Break. I Feel Loose and Free Now.
Behold the majestic mess of making a "Got Item" sprite!
Working on scenery based on SLHRPG & Ponyville buildings.
       This site runs on gamedev juice so I had to keep it going even when I knew I'd be off duty.

     Colored/bold text produced a bug last time I worked on the text boxes that gave me some trouble. In order to fix it I'll need to re-work how the text system prints out results. It's too much trouble for the time being so I'll push it back for now because it's not game breaking. I'll try to fix it when I get back.


     The numbers have definitely died down over time (just look at last week). I won't be expecting any more until a new release at this rate. My downloads topped off around 100 on Google Play so I guess that makes it my minimum goal for future random small apps.

     If you normally follow me on SlideDB or MyIGN expect a bunch of catch-up posts when I get back on Monday/Tuesday.

     Feels great being ahead of schedule. The game feels so tangible now. That makes me more confident about reaching the release date. Once all the hard foundation programming is done, it's a sprint to the finish.

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