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Monday, June 23, 2014

Arranging App Icons Atop Yotes Games

     You might have noticed how often I switch up how the app icons on the blog appear by now. I think I've finally settled on a good way to handle their ordering. Their original purpose was to display the apps I had in the pipeline. Now it's more of a list of the apps I've made so far. Right now I'm thinking that it's a good idea to keep it at an even 8. It represents the 8 games I made in college that got my career started. As time goes on I'll keep my 7 most popular apps listed here in order of release and save the last slot for the current work in progress.

     Either that or I'll have an odd number of apps more tightly packed together with the WIP in the middle. nine apps on display total? The biggest ones closest to the middle? We'll see how it all looks when I have more games under my belt to show. I'm far from done messing with these things.

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