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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Actually Coding The Text Box System

     After figuring out how to do highlighting and new lines, all that's left is to start coding. I quickly scribbled and drafted ways to make it work on paper and now I'm going to implement it in C# and see how big the mess will be. If I'm lucky, then I'm just about done with this thing...

     I'm just getting started and I can already see the mess on my hands. Getting this thing to work properly is going to be a headache but I'm sure I can get it soon. My biggest problem is getting each letter to appear one at a time. I suppose I should try to get everything else working fine for now and add that effect afterwards. I'd like to know if anything else is broken too.

     The code above takes in a string from an object that sends a message "TextLine" with whatever it is they will say. If the text reaches the edge the string sent is supposed to be cut off and continued on the line below. Right now its full of logic errors and it's my job to fix those.

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