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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Equica Overworld ~ From Scene to Shining Scene

     Travel between rooms in Unicorn Quest is pretty straightforward. Each door is labeled with a number that matches the door at which Clover will appear when the next scene loads. Doors are colliders on the ground that take you to the loading scene when touched. The loading screen only exists to cover up any lag that would happen if the game chugs on destroying the current scene prefab and bringing up another.

      My Door Script allows me to edit which door leads to where. Even allowing me to change in-game for any maze puzzles I come up with. This will even allow me to use the same room multiple times (like the lost forest in Zelda) which is exactly what the room above is going to be like. Door A in one room leads to door A in another room while behind the scenes a Global tracker is matching hidden numbers with region names to know which room to pull up.

      Consider this major component of the game completed.

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