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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Status Report #42

I knew next to nothing would get done all week.
     Talk about an unproductive week. Nearly nothing got done but come on, E3. I was busy connecting to the rest of the gaming world and taking in the whole show. Things should ease back into work mode starting today. I still have a whole text box/speech system to figure out.

  • All Items & Equips Fully Functioning
  • A Feature on Equestria Daily (!!!)
  • Global Variable Detecting When Player Teleports
  • Untested Code For Treasure Chest Interaction
  • Projectiles Don't Explode Against Clover When She's Teleporting
  • I Lived To See The Day When Pac-Man, Sonic, Mario, And Mega Man Can Beat The Ever Living Crap Out Of Each Other In An Official Video Game
     Lessons Learned:
  • I Have Even More Respect For Developers At E3
  • I Could Present There Myself Someday
  • I'm Not The Only One Upset With Our Lousy School Systems
  • Minecraft Inspired A New Generation Of Gamers. How Will They Grow?

       At least I got a few things done. The items and equips work now and I can get started on making an NPC to talk to. It'll be a while before I get back to making sound effects again. When the textboxes are done, I'll finish audio for every single thing that needs it so far. I think I can save time by doing audio in large chunks. Just dedicate a whole day to sound design every now and then.

I also learned that I like my numbers pink.
NPC pony under construction!

Making ponies comes easy with the templates I made earlier.

All this was done in an hour! Now that I have a flow I can go even faster!


   Downloads are ever steady. I wonder how it'll all change this winter...

Some E3 announcements got me more excited than others.
     All the conferences had a strong showing this year. I had no interest in Xbox One before Monday's announcements and I now have a long list of reasons to start using Gamefly. I know my Christmas and birthday priorities lie on obtaining both versions of Smash Bros. which will keep me entertained for years to come (I better get $600 real fast).

     Watching Sean Murray presenting No Man's Sky on stage hit me hard and his development video for Joe Danger 2 hit me harder. My emotions swell at the thought of presenting something worthy of an E3 presentation one day in my career. I hope I live to see that happen because with Nintendo doing online events I'm wondering if other companies will follow suit, making E3 live showings obsolete.

     I watched all the developer interviews with m newfound knowledge in mind and imagined myself in their shoes. Explaining my game and figuring out how every game works  to imagine what it's like making something work were the thoughts running through my head all week. It's nice to see what everyone is up to.

     It was cool getting an extra 500 viewers thanks to EQD and that attention and excitement is what makes me want to carry on and prove myself. With the morale boost and E3 passing, I'm more ready than ever to get back to making an awesome game!

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