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Friday, June 13, 2014

Unicorn Quick-Access Items

     Here is what all the items look like in your inventory. It's setup so that you tap on an icon and the cursor moves there. Tap again and you will use the item. If it goes down to zero the icon disappears completely and the button does nothing. Every item will always be in the same slot and you'll see the inventory fill up as you collect all these things. For easy access you can put items in a 4 slot box by selecting an item in inventory then moving the cursor to one of the 4 slots and finally tapping the quick slot again.

     You can also swap quick slot items by assigning an item already in another slot. When you do that, it sends its contents to the other slot, even if empty so there are no item duplication glitches to worry about. Having items available at a glance can be helpful in battle and the overworld. Just touch the arrow above the magic bar at any time to bring up your four chosen items for use. You activate them the way you would in the pause menu. Tap once to move cursor, tap again to use.

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