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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Status Report #14

     Thanksgiving turned out well. I saw Times Square at night, demonstrated my work to my family, fixed bugs in my Android titles, nearly completed all the sprites for DragCore, confirmed my summer plans with my parents, and watched BBC's Sherlock for the first time. Take a look at all the stuff that got done this week. Because a lot got done this week.
  • 98% of sprites
  • TriGrid bug
  • Candy Shop Catch bug
  • Candy Shop Catch particles for using Time Candy
  • Increased Twitter activity
  • Rewrote ideas for future games
  • Planned course of action for upcoming summer
  • Trailers for Android games
  • Updated blog appearance
  • Started new gushing posts
  • Joined MyIGN and Gamefaqs
  • Ate lots of food

   As far as DragCore assets go, I just need to finish 2 more sprite sheets. After that's done I'll finish up the design document and start drafting things in the Unity engine. Big stuff is coming soon and I'm feeling better than ever with having my family on my side.

     Like always, I'm looking forward and bubbling with excitement for the destination this crazy train is headed toward.

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