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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Status Report #13

   Take a look at all the stuff that got done this week.

  • TriGrid iOS release
  • Researched other developers
  • Researched successful games and their design
  • Researched mobile RPGs and the latest Zelda
  • Requested many reviews
  • Bookmarked press release websites
  • Added share buttons to blog
  • Made website slightly prettier

    Today is my big day off. A day I like to call Doctor Hooves Day where major premiers of my two favorite shows are being aired. I''d also like to look around and see how the console launches went since I know I won't be getting any new game systems anytime soon (poor college students are poor).

    A lot of research and reflection was done this week. I hardly did any development on DragCore and I still need to edit the trailers for TriGrid and Candy Shop Catch. Tomorrow is going to be very busy.

   On another note, it looks like PS4 won he little poll to the right. With the console wars still just beginning, the next few months are going to be full of excitement. 

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