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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Status Report #10

   Huh. It's funny to think about how I've been doing this blog for about 10 weeks now. It feels a lot longer. I think I've grown a lot since last summer and I feel like the transition of who I was to who I want to be is happening.

     Anyway, this week was about finishing Candy Shop Catch and letting people know it exists. Take a look at what I'm up to after the break.

  • Candy Shop Catch (Android & iOS)
  • iOS Status: Waiting For Review
  • SlideDB/IndieDB/ModDB Account Made & Updated
  • Tweet like crazy
   I reeeeaaally hope Candy Catch doesn't have the same problems that TriGrid did with the iOS review process. The waiting time is painful.

     I've been posting a lot on social networks to let people know I'm here and my surge in daily pageviews tell me it's working.

     I'm submitting review requests for the Android version of Candy Shop Catch tonight. You can also take a look at my IndieDB account to see where I'm trying to make myself known on a website full of other developers doing the same thing.

     I'm still trying to fix the permanent Ad Banner problem in the iOS version of TriGrid and will hopefully have that out soon. I'd like to start my next game 2 weeks from now at the most. I have the whole thing planned out in my head (and in messy word documents and prototypes) and just need to write out a good GDD to go by.

     My current priorities are finishing TriGrid and getting my name and my games known to as many people as possible. I seriously need to start making money now so I'm going to dedicate some time into public relations. As for now, I'm uploading the iOS version without ads at all, that way whenever I figure the bug out I can just update instead.

     A game without ad revenue and IAP is better than nothing. I'm not expecting huge day 1 downloads anyway so it'll be good to form an install base. I expect to hear from Apple in a few weeks (it takes forever).

     I'm also really excited to put my new skills and ideas to the test with my next game. Hopefully it will push me a lot closer to my goal of being ready to produce an RPG that could stand alongside the best in the app store.

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