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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mach-Arena Introduction

     In case you're wondering if my college project Mach-Arena is dead, it's not. We just aren't starting class projects until next semester after we finish our Unity lessons. This semester is about building all the components of a Game Design Document (GDD) and putting them together. You can see the Concept Document here.

     So far 4 papers have been written for this game and submitted for a grade. My personal hopes are to finish it in time to be able to show it off at the upcoming BYOC at my college in May. Today I'm going to start posting the documents my group has made so far. 

    Check out the Introduction page for Mach-Arena below the break.

Group 2 Presents (in association with Yotes Games)…


          Mach-Arena is a fast paced multiplayer deathmatch taking place in claustrophobic underground tunnels with wide open hub areas.  Players control flying vehicles and are constantly moving forward but can control their speed. When in tunnel paths the vehicles race forward at high speeds and players can rotate along the tunnel walls. When in open areas players have a more 3D range of movement. All players have a map with the other players locations charted, adding a layer of strategy as players predict each other’s movements. Traversing the tunnels is incentivized by the randomized power ups players can pick up but deterred by the obstacles and the risk of another player’s ambush at the opposite end.

          There is a contrast between the vibrantly colored objects of interest and the dull colored environment which draws attention and gives players things to move toward or away from. Players will have fun hunting each other down, taking advantage of the environment, and racing through the high-speed controlled paths in tunnels.

          Mach-Arena combines the fast paced action of racing games with the thrill of hunting and combat of shooter games.  Players have the ability to speed up and slow down, but never stop. They can also dodge once before needing to recharge (a short cooldown so no one can dodge oncoming fire forever). Tunnels can lead down alternate paths if a player moves into a hole on the tunnel wall.  Players are always moving forward at a normal, slow, fast, or boosting pace which prevents “camping” and unfair tactics.

          Crashing into another player causes damage to both vehicles. If the speed of the players at impact is great enough one or all players involved may explode. Players all have a set amount of health. [Different vehicles may or may not have different attributes/stats.]

“Hmm. That guy is almost halfway through that tunnel. I can go in from the other end and ram into him. Since I have the shield item I won’t get hurt, but he’ll explode because we’re going so fast!”

          Power ups add a layer of strategy and empowerment. When acquired, players can activate them at any time. Shield protects the user from harm for a short time, Frenzy rapidly fires shots with a longer range for a short time, Blast fires one instant kill shot instead of a regular shot, Trap lays a floating bomb behind the user for other players to run into, and Boost greatly increases the user’s speed for a few seconds.  Standard deathmatch rules: 10 min of gameplay. Kill: Score+1.  Die: Score-1. If a player reaches a Score of 20, the game ends early. The player with the most points wins.

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