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Friday, November 22, 2013

Getting iOS Reviews

     I've been tossing TriGrid around lately to get reviews and maintain it's featured status. Much like the post from before, I felt like giving a nice little list of sites to visit if you ever wanted to request reviews for iOS games instead of Android ones. This should save some newbies the trouble of finding them like I had to.

Here are the sites I contact:
     Like before, sites you have to pay should be avoided if your budget is as low as mine (nonexistent). Reviews are never guaranteed being that about only 1% ever see the light of day. The reviews themselves even take many months to go through.

     The best advice I can offer here is to make a great and polished game that the reviewers will enjoy. If a game is fun to watch, the reviewer gets more hits and you get more customers. Reviews also sound a lot less forced when the reviewer is genuinely blown away by the game you made.

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