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Monday, November 25, 2013

Mach-Arena: Game Progression

       Today in gaming class, we needed to make a document about story and character progression. Being that my group's game didn't necessarily have those things in a traditional sense, I came up with the four components of our game that had sense of progression. The fourth component was just added in today because it seemed so obvious and simple.

     Want progression in a deathmatch game? Let players level up. People go nuts for filling up bars and unlocking things (I know I do). So take a look at how our game flows.


Game Progression

Mach-Arena takes place in an underground battle arena with tunnel networks connecting to a large hub area.  Futuristic flying vehicles are racing around and shooting laser blasts at each other.  The cavern is littered with stalagmites and pillars uphold the cave ceiling. The dull colors brilliantly contrast with the multi-colored objects of interest (i.e. players, power-up, and incoming fire).

Game Loop

Game Start – All vehicles start in an individual tunnel and fly forward for a few seconds. Just as the vehicle leaves the tunnel, the player assumes control and the game begins.

Gameplay – Combatants pursue each other and avoid their own destruction. The match ends after either a set time, or whenever a combatant reaches a maximum score.

AI Evolution

The AI opponents adapt during gameplay based on each one’s personal kill/death (K/D) ratio and the player’s K/D ratio. The more kills the player has the harder the AI become in general. The AIs that personally get more kills become weaker and the ones being killed have increased aggression. AIs are meant to balance each other out by having the dominant ones flux with the weak ones.

Leveling Up

Winning matches merits points that accumulate into currency which can be spent to unlock new customization options. The amount of points earned is dependent on the player’s K/D ratio.

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