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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Counting Losses

     That's it. I can't fight this bug. Getting IAP and ads to work in TriGrid for iOS is just beyond my ability. I've encountered the most powerful kind bug there is. A holographic one. Tap it all you want, but it's not getting squashed. What works on all other games simply does not for this. Two lines of code that work in every circumstance I put them through over the past few weeks just won't work or TriGrid. The game either ignores a command or crashes.

     There is a HideAds() command that simply won't do just that, and a RestoreTransactions() function that crashes the game. I've tried countless possibilities, even started from scratch a few different ways. This is the part where I count my losses and move on.

     I have to accept releasing it and making no profit. I recently uploaded TriGrid with both monetizing features removed. It'll at least boost my reputation in the app store. I just need to code cleanly with my future games.

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