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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Other Developers Out There

     I took a lot of time out yesterday to look around Google Play and various indie sites to see what other people like me are up to. I get intense feelings looking at indie games, trailers, blogs, and reviews. I'm looking toward where I want to be about a year from now. An inspirational story, a game enjoyed by thousands, and enough money to comfortably make another title.

     I've been doing this kind of thing since 10th grade. even earlier if you count the days when I followed Smash Bros Dojo before Brawl came out. I always wished more developers did things like they did, releasing new info every day just so you know they're still making stuff. It's why I update this blog every day. I love reading other development blogs and looking at video updates.

     I look at fan projects because they seem a lot closer to the things I'm capable of. Games like that are what inspire me the most because they feel so possible. It's like all I have to do is get off my but and get to work in order to make something just as awesome.They make me wish I knew people at school who worked hard on projects like those. I often feel alone, like I'm fighting a battle nobody wants to take on. I have no team, rival, or track record to keep me going yet. I just have to keep my fiery passion going myself.

    Then something like this gets released and my fire gets renewed. I look at another fan project that inspired me and I find out the devs game up on it due to job offers it brought them.  These are the same games that made me want to start in the first place. A site to visit to watch a wannabe grow into a full-fledged developer making awesome games you'd kill to play.

     I'm looking toward these things and finding ways to improve myself. I'm in a situation where I'm working around the clock to battle doubt, finance, development issues, pointless schoolwork, and ever-diminishing time. Seeing indies doing what they love and getting rewarded reminds me why I'm battling these things. I love video games and I want to make them.

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