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Friday, November 29, 2013

What's Next? (Road to RPG)

     I've tweaked this list a few times but now I'm settled. I'm going to make DragCore, next I'm going to make a digital board game based on a class project from last year, then I'm going to pull out all the stops and make the best 2D platformer I possibly can. After all that dust settles and I'm making a comfortable income, I'll finally begin my action RPG.

     I should be done with DragCore and the board game before the college semester ends in May. I'll spend all summer working on my platformer while spending the first half of this summer taking online classes to hopefully skip out the upcoming fall semester. If I don't go to school next fall I can save up some tuition money for the following spring and have dedicated time for making my games profitable and focusing on prototyping my RPG.

     This whole plan is a work in progress and we'll see what happens. Everything else has fallen into place so far, but things are getting shaky as the stakes are being increased. Tuition is going up and my family's money isn't. I admit I'm feeling pretty alone on this. It feels like every force known to man wants to keep me from reaching my dream and I am truly the only one who sees my potential and recognizes my evolving ability.
     I need some proof that my plan is working and I need proof that I can make great games. DragCore needs to come out ASAP so I can just get a glimpse of success in the world's most crowded gaming market. Not just to prove to others but also to myself. I need to step up the quality of my works and start making a name for myself in the app store.

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