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Monday, November 18, 2013

Game Design Document in Progress

     I'm wrapping up the game design document for my next game today. I'll announce the game here tomorrow and I'll post the design doc soon after. School seems to be dedicated to cutting of my development time because homework is stacking up as we approach Thanksgiving break. I've gotta keep chanting my short term goals to get through this.
  • Finish tedious classes ASAP
  • Make a game that looks great and plays great
  • Earn a decent amount of money

     I've also seen an interesting trend with TriGrid on iOS, seeing that it's my first featured game. Seeing it bloom with so much potential really makes me wish I had the ads working properly. However, it also gives me hope for my next game's success.

     So today is about getting iOS reviews and getting the word out. In addition to that I'm working on trailers for my existing games today and hope to have those on YouTube soon.

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