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Monday, November 11, 2013

Current Plans: Juggling College, Money, and Game Development

     Money is getting tight and my apps are not bringing in much income. Likely because they were made by an amateur and lack the polish of elite games. My very next goal is to change that. Another problem is school tuition becoming unbearable. I have to find a way to open up some breathing room so I can graduate sometime (no way my parents are gonna let me out into the world without job security). 

     Take a look at the survival plan I've been thinking about beyond the break.

     I'm looking for ways to save money and finish my college career. I've done loads of research, charted out multiple course combinations, searched for loans, grants, and scholarships, made a PowerPoint about the pros and cons of dropping out, calculated part-time job earnings, and considered what steps I need to take in order to make my apps profitable (and soon).  

     The idea I'm currently settled on is finishing the upcoming spring semester,taking summer school at a community college (saving $8,000), skipping the fall semester, and getting back to school in spring 2015. I plan to use that skipped semester making the 3 apps I hope to have done from now til then polished to a professional shine and out in as many peoples hands as possible. 

     My apps just aren't making me any money at all so far. 3 apps and about a year of development and I made only $40. I know it's to be expected with practice apps and every artists first few duds, but college is merciless when it comes to picking countless wallets clean for no good reason. My next three games have to be worthy competition in the app store. Not in comparison to what's on the bottom, but the top. 

     I need all the money I can get before I spend two years working on what I hope becomes an app store masterpiece. It's time to prove that I can live up to a dream that big.

  • Take summer school. (save money)
  • Eliminate all tedious/boring classes. (to focus on big things junior & senior year)
  • Focus on developing Yotes Games. (actually earn money from my games)
  • Spend two years creating the thing that starts my career. (a cauldrons worth of blood sweat & tears)

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