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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

GDD: Zephyr Ataxia (Villains & Sub-bosses)

These guys gave me the idea of making the bosses have personalities. 
      I've been changing enemies around a bunch but the bosses are pretty concrete so it's probably fine to show them now. The big bad guys are all members of what is essentially a group of anarchists who want to finish the genocide their leader first started before she was defeated by Clover's mentor Swirllock the Bearded. They are the Zephyr Ataxia (chaotic storm), named after the endless storm raging below the floating isle of Equica.

     They are responsible for all the ghostly minions spawning in the world and defeating them unlocks their special move for you to use, Megaman style. Clover's special ability is quickly learning spells through observation so you get rewarded with new spells if you survive the fight with one of them.
      Each member has a specialty magic and 5 of them are very difficult optional fights. I don't want to give away too much about their personalities until I have something to show. For now I'll just list their names, where you will fight them, and the basics of their combat style.

     Check out their descriptions below the break. And if you're curious about how I name nearly everything I come up with, look up synonyms to any word on and try mashing them together until something sounds cool.

v  Spirit Slasher – Female dark unicorn captain. Attacks you in the Forest. Uses all three Slash spells against you.
 v  Tidal Trap – Water Stallion. Fight on Mountain. Most moves set you up for his minions to do more damage.
 v  Algid Gale – Ice Mare. Fight in Graveyard. Freezes puddles on the ground. Spawns and kills water minions to create puddles.
 v  Scorch Ridge – Fire Stallion. Fight in Ice Cavern. He learned that there’s evil out there and if he doesn't fight back he’ll only be stepped on. “I gave that mule what he deserved.  Biggest scorcher I ever threw. Right between the eyes.”
 v  Volt Raze - Electric Pony. Fight in Graveyard, team up with Scorch in ice cavern, then again in desert.
 v  Vim Purloin – Hex pony. She resembles a batpony. After unlocking desert, return to Wraithaven to find her grave robbing.
 v  Rex Rampart – Shield Pony. Burly and Sombra like. Shield spell color is grey. He charges at you with physical attacks and shields up while charging power. Tough guy who could easily kill you if you aren't careful. Rock and steel theme. Fight in Glittershine.
 v  Rebound – A trickster and a jerk. He seems to get a thrill from fighting you. He summons lots of dark unicorns. After you get access to desert, he is causing havoc in your hometown. Go challenge him directly in Bright Valley.
 v  Facade – Decoy pony. Uses turrets and illusions. His mini-dungeon is full of the hardest puzzles. Hiding in alleys of Crystal City.

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