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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Status Report #30

     It feels like only two days worth of work got done in a week. Dropping from 9 hours a day to 2 feels like torture. Homework is killing me when all I can think about is how I could be spending that time doing something that mattered infinitely more. I did get some interesting work-in-progress screenshots of the pause menu though, so catch those below the break.

     Here's what I managed to do in my little work time.

  • Sprites for Gems
  • Sprites for 2 Pause Menus
  • Code for Exiting and Entering Scenes
  • Spawn Points
  • Practiced an Elevator Pitch of Unicorn Quest on Teacher (class assignment)

       Here's the result of my work this week. I'll be posting a lot about gameplay systems this week. Things like items equips, currency, and leveling up. There are 7 total pause menus and I'm halfway done with the 4th. I'm making prefab objects out of them so they pop up when called on and delete themselves when you close out the menu. Much more efficient than hiding them behind the background like I did in DragCore.

       Each thing you're seeing up there deserves it's own multi-paragraph explanation.

       I also made a text box to test out how much I could fit on a single page. It looks like 95 characters is the limit. I chose Myriad Web Pro as the font for the game because it just seems to fit nicely and it isn't Arial, Calibri, or the ever offensive Comic Sans. I think it blends well with the GUI and tone of the game.

       A big challenge coming later is coding the text boxes to work like ones in Zelda games. But I'll cross that bridge later.


     Candy Shop Catch is still popular on Google Play and my latest video got over 500 views and sent some attention this way. The hype train should pick up steam once I finally get combat working. Right now you can shoot lasers with the action button but the laser colliders don't register impact. That's why I moved on to finishing the pause menu first.

     Whenever I hit a bug that stops me I can move on to another problem because there is always something else that needs to get done. I like to keep myself busy and make sure the game is at least a little closer to completion before I go to bed.

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