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Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break 2014 Is Over

     Well, last week was pretty fun. I got a lot of things done and I've never felt better about the Adventures in Equica project. I'm just kind of dreading the endless stream of homework and projects headed my way now that I;m back in school. The hours of college work I'll be doing will cut into game development big-time. My grades are dropping a bit as I care less about class and more about real life problems (finishing Unicorn Quest and starting a company). I really need to pick it up a bit and finish the semester strong for my parents' sake.
     I'd say the best parts about going back are seeing my friends again (probably all talking about Dark Souls 2) and relaxing with my girlfriend (the highlight of every week). I'm betting on going back to 2 hours of game development a day but the game will be done eventually. A big thing I keep telling myself is to relax. Sometimes I feel like I need a lot of things done within a week but truthfully there is no deadline. I just need to make the game incredible and I have about a year to do it.

      I really am looking forward to my school hiatus next fall. Once summer school ends (August 14) I get to take the fall semester off and finish up Unicorn Quest with no distractions.

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