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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The First Background is Complete!

     Pushed by the urge to make something that will motivate me, I finished up the background for the forest battle room and changed Clover into fight mode. Now I can watch her in what is basically what I want the final game to look like. Adding details after all that really made it feel complete and I couldn't be more excited to work on this game.

     Having the trees with varying hues succeeded in giving the forest level some color, and I want the whole game to be colorful and visually distinct. I added a bunch of grass sprites scattered across the checkered pattern to make the forest floor seem more messy and less uniform. When everything was in place something still looked wrong until I added a shadow beneath Clover. Now the world feels real. The 3D feel is much more immersive and helps you better judge your collision box.

     And if you're wondering about the bar and text over Clover's head, I'm working on things to put over living game objects and I'll explain each thing once they're working better. I'm starting to think that may be the better approach to take from this stage on. Small things can be shown when they're ready and big things are worth posting about ahead of time.

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