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Monday, March 24, 2014

Unicorn Quest Item Ideas

     What would an RPG be without some way to turn currency into a way to strategize when to heal yourself in combat. There is a quick access bar above the magic bar with 4 slots for your four favorite items. Players can assign what four items they are in the pause menu. There are 16 items in the game and each one can hold up to 99 of any given item.

     Some items can only be found in certain shops. Some are more expensive than others. Some cost certain gem types in one town and other gems in another. I'm trying to make each item special and interesting and the list of items changes frequently as I balance things so the item definitions are not final. The general theme is that tonics restore magic and cupcakes heal you.

Check out the list of all 16 items below the break.

1. Tonic – Revives 10 magic points.
2. Super Tonic – Revives 40 magic points.
3. Ultra Tonic – Revives 80 magic points.
4. Max Tonic – Revives all magic points.
5. P. Cupcake – Revives 2 hearts.
6. B. Cupcake – (dark blue sprinkles) Revives 4 hearts.
7. Y. Cupcake – (Purple Star Sprinkles) Revives 8 hearts.
8. Pickup Soup – Revives 40 MP and 1 heart.
9. Wisdom Elixir – Doubles spell exp until the next level up. (Doubles spell experience.)
10. Pixie Juice – Unlimited teleporting for 30 seconds. (Temporary unlimited teleporting.)
11. Deific Brew – Infinite MP for 10 seconds. (Temporary infinite MP.)
12. G. Cupcake – Fills 3 hearts and 10 MP.
13. R. Cupcake – Cures burn.
14. O. Cupcake - Doubles attack for 30 seconds. (Temporarily doubles attack.)
15. W. Cupcake – Makes you invincible for 15 seconds. (Temporary invincibility.)
16. Happy Cake – Delicious rainbow cake that lifts curses and heals 1 heart.
 (Lifts curse and fills 1 heart.)

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