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Sunday, September 7, 2014

PCT GameDevs Will Meet Thursdays at 3:30!!

     Planning for the first club meeting I've ever organized is set. We'll be going over introductions and asking what people want to learn about first before getting into a regular rhythm in the weeks after. I know I want to cover topics that come up in conversation all the time like making a game quickly in Unity, sprite making, publishing on appstores, 3D rigging & animation, interacting with industry professionals, starting a development blog, and tracking download statistics.

Written on the board of the Gaming Lab.
     I want to get a feel for who's attending these meetings and create an environment where everyone feels free to speak up and show the group something. I don't want it to be lecture hour where the seniors and I are just telling everyone else what they'd like to know. A big part of the club is presentation feedback. People should show off their game projects here and receive constructive criticism or confirmation that certain ideas are working.

This club can do a lot of good. Here's to hoping everything goes better than smoothly!

I wish I had more contrasting colors to use for this.
I'll see if it gets the job done.

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