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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Status Report #54 (GameDev Club Approved & Animated Bad Guys)

     Finally did it. I got the signatures and had the PCT GameDevs club approved by the Gamer's Guild. I also found a room that should fit us all and picked the perfect time and weekly date where the school shuts classes down so clubs can run for an hour.

     PowerPoint presentation templates are ready and I'm waiting on confirmation for my room reservations for the year. Next I have advertising and email reminders to worry about. I never thought I'd be the one making this happen. I kind of just did it on a whim last Wednesday and never looked back. Check out this week's downloads and accomplishments below!

  • Got Signatures To Start A GameDev Club
  • Wrote a Brief Constitution Of What the Club is All About
  • Made a Facebook Group For PCT GameDevs
  • Animated the Enemies & Bosses
  • Made Prefabs Out of Baddies
  • Picked a Room & Date For Meetings
  • Studied the PS2 Game Dark Cloud
     Lessons Learned:
  • Starting a Committee is MUCH Easier than Starting a Club.
  • If Something Doesn't Exist, You Want It To Exist, Other People Want It To Exist, and You Are Capable Of Making It Happen, Just Do It Yourself. It Feels Good Satisfying A Common Need.
       PCT GameDevs will be meeting every Thursday at 3:30 (until 4:15) starting next week on September 11th. Unfortunately this date conflicts with another club (the Association of Computing Machinery) which focuses on security and general computer tech. The former leaders of that club have graduated and the club is losing a bit of the professional quality I originally went there for. The meeting I went to this week was a big pickup from the previous two information wise (things got silly and way off topic) but it looks like I'll have to make students choose what to learn about each Thursday. Either emerging tech or game development techniques.

       The school only has college hour twice a week (Tuesday & Thursday) where there are no classes to attend from 3:30 to 4:30. On Tuesday there is a club focused on developing practical simulation applications (the Association of Professional Programmers) during college hour which is where a lot of my signatures came from. I don't want to step on that club's toes because it goes hand in hand with game dev more than the security club.



   These numbers are small but give an idea of what to expect with little budget and experience. Just try to make each game do better than the last.

     This will be my last challenging semester classwork wise. Physics and Linux class are easy enough but they feel like a chore. Programming 3 is just torture, but I took the classes out of order and got over the second (practical) part of it last year. I'm counting the weeks and waiting for the day where I can begin just coasting through classes and having tons of time to work on my own stuff.

     Having the PCT GameDevs club to look forward to every week is something to smile about too. I feel like Harry leading Dumbledore's Army, fighting against the push toward general IT and providing a way for students to practice game making together.

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