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Monday, September 8, 2014

Unicorn Training: Things Left to Do

     I'm expecting this to be Unicorn Training's last couple months of development. If everything goes well and I don't get handed much homework I'll be able to reach final playtesting by late October! I thought it would be interesting to see my development task list the way I glance at it daily. I copy/pasted my checklist from my iPod notes below the break.

   It's a helpful and portable list I call Dev Tasks. I can add and subtract objectives from it at will and is a useful tool for gauging how much work needs to be done. It also helps me get exciting to work because I see it shrink each week, bringing completion day (a big step toward my overall life goal) ever closer. Today's post is like a screenshot in time showing what's left to do before Unicorn Training is considered finished.

Dev Tasks

Interface sprites (Map, icons, shop text)

Script enemies (1 month max)

Object & enemy placement

If item cant fit, put back in chest.
Map screen
Item shops
Dungeon selector

**New video 18 (shops, roaming enemies)

Enemy spawn control (functional combat)
SwitchFake (Decoy dungeon traps)
Crystal heart get, then warp out after boss
Scripted intro & ending (Text)
Note on Door to dungeon (from Swirllock)

***Show Equestria Gaming***
***Show Equestria Daily***

Implement 9 bosses
**dungeon video demo 19
*playthrough of ice dungeon.

Final title screen
Save system.
Chest tracker
Dungeon generator

**2nd trailer
***Show EQD & G***
*** preview on android gaming sites***
"Android RPG  by a College Student"
Presskit() dropbox practice

All remaining sound effects
Find Music Tracks:
Town, Battle, Forest, Cave, Outpost, Dungeon, Boss, Title
Jingles: Victory, Died, Get Item

Balance leveling
Balance mp use


Make Free version
Free version video playthrough (vid #20)

Description, keywords

**Bug Hunt Posts
Final release date

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