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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

PCT GameDevs Is On It's Way

     All I need to start the game developer's committee at my school is at least 10 signatures and a solid description of what we plan to accomplish. Now the club is basically certain to happen because both of those objectives are met and the number of people interested is higher than I expected. We're currently settled on the name PCT GameDevs (PCT is the Pennsylvania College of Technology) and it is sure to be a very popular school club. I collected 28 signatures yesterday and there are still a bunch of game classes I haven't asked yet. I'll need to find a room big enough to hold 30-40 people! This is great to see!

    A group of Japanese game development students visited my college yesterday and I watched them play all the games we made freshman year. It was nostalgic and interesting to see an international take on our novice works. Watching the visitors learn our games through play was particularly interesting. During this event I got the chance to speak with a few Gaming majors I hadn't gotten to know before and I'm more pumped than ever to experience that tenfold when this club starts up!

I prepared some new logos and printed a constitution to deliver on Friday.

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