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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Approach To Starting A Game Development Club

     After asking around all week, trying to meet with the Student Organizations head, and attending game-related clubs around school I've decided to approach it differently. I got the official paperwork and was going around getting signatures from the right people, answering questions, hyping up students, designing text logos, making a Facebook page, and writing a constitution when I found out that the biggest gaming club on campus was capable of supporting my idea as a committee.

    I originally thought that being a small part of a bigger club would put me into a tiny time slot in a given room but actually I would be allowed to choose a room and meeting time independent of the parent club if I was able to show enough interest. All I really need is a big room, a projector, and permission to post flyers around campus and piggybacking off my school's Gamer's Guild (the biggest tabletop/video gaming club) allows me to do just that without all the fundraising and paperwork Student Organizations is demanding.

     All I have to do is get as many signatures of interested students as possible and I can run my own legitimate club meetings. This week I'll be popping into gaming classes asking for names and emails so I can hand them to the Gamer's Guild president and have an email list to get the word out.

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