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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Doing Unicorn Map Before Scripting Enemies

     I'd get a much nicer morale boost if I do this one little thing before scripting enemies. My map page in the pause menu has been blank for too long. I want to put in the map sprites I made yesterday and the whole thing can be done in one night. I want Clover's flashing face sprite to be over the square region she currently resides in. It will give players a general feel for where they are and show where certain gems are in the overworld.

     In dungeons it will show how close you are to the boss room. I don't want players to feel completely lost and I also don't want them to feel like dungeons are deeper or shorter than they actually are. 9 dungeon rooms each and 16 overworld rooms. This map shows where you are in those.

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