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Thursday, February 6, 2014

DragCore Almost Done

    DragCore is ridiculously close to being finished. Literally just two more things to do. I need to fix bugs I'm having with Game Center/Google Play Services and script the sound effects and background music I found. I even have the app stores setup and awaiting the game's final build.

     Today I want to script all the sound effects and music. Once they're in I can tweak them until the game sounds just right. I have all public domain audio including 4 alternating background tracks. Getting audio to work is something I've done before though. Making Game Center features work is new. The game keeps crashing whenever I do anything leaderboard/achievement related so I need to work on that annoyance next. Getting this stuff down with DragCore will make programming it into my future games much easier.

     I keep promising myself I'll be done with this game by Monday at the latest. Then it's just a matter of sending review requests again.

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