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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Status Report #24

     DragCore is approaching completion and Mach-Arena is looking like a real game. I also figured out why comments weren't appearing on the site and made it so posts show up immediately. Check out this week's status report!

  • Found Sounds
  • Edited Sounds
  • Adjusted Gameplay
  • Hit Game Center Bug
     College Game Project:
  • Working Ships Traversing Tunnels (Barely)
  • Health Bars
     I ran into an unexpected problem, I hadn't considered just how much trouble it would be to make 99 leaderboards in both Game Center and Google Game Services. Getting al that set up would take two more days of development. I'm considering only having certain challenges feature leaderboards. Probably 1, 99, and all ones divisible by 10. That'll be just 11 leaderboards to worry about. I'd feel bad about hogging up 99 key IDs anyway. 

      I'm VERY close to finishing DragCore. I finished coding all the audio yesterday and improved my audio control scripts to make them more efficient for my future games. Today I plan on testing every challenge level and making adjustments to make each one feel unique and fun. I just need to learn one last thing before being done and that's Game Center. Once I get past the trouble with it I can test everything out and finally submit DragCore. Hopefully by Tuesday.

     As for Mach-Arena, my group has been working on ship models and getting the map to work. I've been making sprites for the HUD and talking with the team's programmer Ben about how certain things in the environment could be coded. Yesterday we considered making a more complex design for the HUD but after running into design issues we decided to have a simple temporary solution until we have the game in an acceptable condition for grading. A "finished" product comes first, polish comes once we get there.


   As always, each new download makes me happy. Something that made me extra happy was my girlfriend telling me that a friend of hers knew about Fish Feaster when my girlfriend told her about it. She said she played it before and it was a fun game. Heartwarming to know Fish Feaster is fun to people who aren't me or my family. Hearing stuff like that makes each download mean even more to me.

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