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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Status Report #25

     My last weekend with DragCore. Seriously this time. Part of me is willing to forget about getting Game Services to work on the android version just so I can move on. The other part wants to figure this out so my next games can have it. The promotion opportunities are really useful too. I haven't tried using the iOS version yet and I'll be doing that this afternoon. If anything else, I can at least submit that to Apple and start their review process. With Google Play DragCore can be put up any day I want.

     Yesterday was Valentine's day so I took the day off for obvious reasons. Today it's back to work. Check out what got done last week below.

  • Played Kingdom Hearts for the First Time
  • Watched a Playthrough of Octodad
  • Discovered a place to create 8-bit sounds
  • Decided an Art Style for My Next Game
  • Made Lots of Sprites for My Next Game
  • Desperately Attempted to Get Game Services Working
     College Game Project:
  • Tested New Health Bar Designs
  • Testing Speeds of Ships in Tunnels
       I honestly couldn't resist making a few sprites for the RPG I'm making next. Just to get the thoughts out of my head. I've been doing them all week in between classes and at moments where I don't have the time or space to get my phone set up for building the APK file I need to test Game Services on.

     Snow kept us out of school a lot for a few days this week so not much progress was made on Mach-Arena. I admit my heart isn't really in it right now though. My #1 priority is getting DragCore done so I can focus on my first passion project. the same thing happened when I worked on last year's group project, but that time my enthusiasm faded because my gameplay ideas where ignored.



    I actually sold one download of Fish Feaster this week.It doesn't seem like much money wise but it means the world to me that someone thought the app I made was worth paying for. Every little bit counts.

     Really this time. I mean it. DragCore is getting finished this week. I want to announce details on my next project. This has gotten ridiculous. I'm shooting for a vague March 6th release date and will hopefully be uploading the iOS binary to iTunes Connect by midnight. I'll get back to the Google version after that. If I can't get it to work by Sunday afternoon, I think I'll just have to scrap the idea and try again with my next project when  I have more time.

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