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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Status Report #23

     I want DragCore off my plate but I keep finding little flaws to fix. I want it over but I want it to be good. No point in rushing out something lousy when I can work another week and release something decent. I'm not going to make any sort of holiday release anyway so I should take whatever few extra days I need to make DragCore a fun free game to play.

     Every day I'm calculating the most efficient way to go through things just to have a bit more time for development. I only want the fastest of fast foods, I can only think about DragCore and my next project in class, it's okay to skip the gym two weeks in a row, and hygiene seems like a chore that should be rushed. Yeah, it's crunch time.

  • All Challenges Set (Subject to Redesign)
  • Fixed Touch Screen Regions
  • Adjusted Screen Size Variables
  • DragCore SlideDB Profile
  • Lots of Screenshots
  • Re-balanced Core Mechanics
  • Fixed Many GUI and Variable Reset Bugs
  • Purchased Plugins for Game Center & Google Game Services
  • Redesigned Touch Input Recognition Methods
  • Play-Tested a Lot
  • Organized Code Scripts
  • Fixed Bugs With Orange Enemy
  • Coded Custom Menu
  • Fixed Lag on 512MB RAM Devices
     College Game Project:
  • Made a Development Task List
  • Found Placeholder Music
  • Still Programming Ship Movement
  • Redesigned Map
  • Scaled All Objects in Meters
  • Practiced Modeling Complex 3D Shapes
    I keep finding new small things to tweak that throw me off my development schedule. It's worth it though because each new thing I add makes the game just a bit better. In all honesty this is where most of the game's development should take place. Polish and tweaking a project to make it the best it can possibly be.

       It's hard to put my heart into my college project when I'm crunching on DragCore and my mind can't stay off the RPG I want to make next. To help motivate myself to finish quickly and strongly I put DragCore on Slide DB so people can find info on it more easily. I'm putting as much work into this as possible. DragCore will be out soon.


    I still smile at the thought of someone new discovering my game every couple days. I wonder how big the spikes will be when DragCore finally comes out. Which is hopefully soon because geez I've been at this for too long.

     I'm really getting tired of friends asking if DragCore is done. I wish it was but I keep finding new things to fix up. I want to move on to my first passion project but I also have a need to polish DragCore to a shine. It's like my way of proving to myself hat I can make a quality game that can stand next to others in the app store. I told myself to have it done by Monday, but it's looking like DragCore will be done a week later.

     I also found an interesting wiki on NoteHub for making a spell combination system similar to the one in Magicka. It has nothing to do with me but I just found it interesting to read. It came from a post by the creator of Horse Game. An indie project that partially inspired the game I'll be making after DragCore.

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