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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Status Report #26

     It's finally over... My training is done and I can start making games I always wished existed. I have the proper tools now. I finally understand what to do from start to finish in order to make a game a reality. As of yesterday, I have a new tablet for testing games on. That means fewer launch day updates for my games due to resolution problems Unity doesn't let me know about. The specs may not be cutting edge but they totally outdo what my current 512MB RAM phone is capable of. It will be used to make Unicorn Quest better suited for tablets.

      But before I can do that I have to find a USB driver for AGPtek TP714JD. I literally spent all day yesterday looking for one to get it to work. 8 hours with no results. It's maddening. Once I figure this out, I can fix any potential DragCore problems and get back to working on Unicorn Quest. I want to start planning the Unity project setup and coding the in-game movement.

     Here is the roundup of what happened over the past week!

  • Released DragCore
  • Announced Unicorn RPG
  • Parents Bought Me a New Android Tablet!
  • Submitted DragCore for Review & Amazon App Store Approval
  • Designed The Two Protagonists of Unicorn Quest
  • Composed a Mock-up for Unicorn Quest's Interface
  • Organized Unicorn Quest Notes
  • Started Forming a Game Design Document
       DragCore is a fun game and the project taught me everything I wanted it to. I just stopped caring about it towards the end because at the end of the day it's not the kind of game I would look for in the app store and it's not the kind of game I want to be known for. My future games won't be random arcade style games, but large scale RPGs, Platformers, or things involving deep mechanics. I made Fish Feaster, TriGrid, Candy Shop Catch, and DragCore to teach myself the basics of game creation because I knew I wasn't ready to make a big game that lives up to the dreams in my head.

      I suppose the stress it brought me means DragCore taught me one last lesson, what it feels like working on a project your heart isn't invested in. When you're deeply in love with a project like I am with Unicorn Quest you develop a mentality of making it the best product physically possible, no matter how long it takes or what you have to learn. With DragCore I just wanted to get something out there and move on to a more exciting project. The fact that I finished it at all was the greatest reward. If it turns out some people love it, then that's an unexpected reward I'll be very grateful for.

      Here's to a better future of Yotes Games app development! I'm set on making a buzz worthy game that will become the definition of a quality mobile RPG.


   Uploading DragCore to Amazon was a bit of a pain, but I finally figured out the problem that got it and Candy Shop Catch rejected. Because of the in-app billing permissions I'm using, I have to go through a different process when uploading the binary. Amazon sent me a helpful email detailing how to do it and now I can put all my future android games on the Amazon store with no problems. Candy Shop Catch won't be on Amazon though because it's Unity file is still a broken mess.

     I also have to accept my iOS games coming down when my license expires because I won't be able to publish games on the app store legally until I get a new Macbook for $2000. And I'm not doing that anytime soon.


    I'm not making much from my games, and I don't expect to for a long while. Right now my focus is getting my name out there. I want as many people enjoying my stuff as possible. Whether it's my site, my videos, or my apps.

     I really hope I get the tablet working today. These kinds of problems, ones having nothing to do with the actual game, are the absolute worst. I'll just keep at it though because I've overcome tons of problems like this before. I just hope it doesn't take more than a few days.

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