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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Next Game: Blending Genres

     I tried looking up games similar to the concept I had  for the RPG I'm making after DragCore, and I can't find anything that matches what I had in mind. Some come close but just don't play the way I'm imagining. I can hardly describe it to myself accurately. In basic terms I want an action RPG with top-down shooter combat, spell combination mechanics, Zedla style dungeons, Golden Sun style overworld, randomly generating battlefields, adaptive enemy difficulty, and  an entertaining story. I want to make a game I'd be excited to play. One that hits a niche and hits it hard.

     Ideas of how to make this idea work dance around in my head and I tried looking up examples to fill in missing blanks and make sense of the idea. By the looks of things I seem to be innovating. And that thought excites me a lot. I really want to get started with this thing but I need to get DragCore done first. I'm begging for the forces at work to let me finish by next Monday at the latest. If I encounter another setback I think I might die.


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