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Monday, April 21, 2014

Adventures in Equica: The 2nd Milestone Due Date

     I need to have a mildly impressive gameplay video of Unicorn Quest by May 10 (the last day of school). Reasons being I want a nice place to start working all summer and I want to get my game in the public eye. Often the hardest part about selling a game is getting people to know it exists. The success of Unicorn Quest could skyrocket if I can get it in front of the target audience of people who like ponies and video games.

     Two extremely popular blogs have captivated and gathered exactly that audience and I want to show my game there. Unicorn Quest was featured on Equestria Gaming and mentioned twice in Equestria Daily's Nightly-Roundup posts which brought a lot of people here. I want to do that again, but this time with a gameplay video where spells work and there's a basic enemy to shoot them at.

     I essentially have 3 weeks to make a Phoenix Wright sub-game, add an enemy to Unicorn Quest, finish all the spells, and do all the finals week related schoolwork...  Yeah, that's a stupid amount of too much.

     I may just focus on getting all the spells to work and make a video featuring an enemy later. I just want to have something to show off when the page views of those two blogs peak. The Friendship is Magic Season 4 finale is May 10 and I want Adventures in Equica out there when thousands of excited people are looking for the finale online and talking about it afterwards.

     Getting attention at the start of summer will be a perfect way to launch myself into crazy rapid and focused development. Having extra eyes on me really keeps me motivated to continue working as hard as I do. You reading this right now is what helps me sleep at night. It makes what I do matter. It's a great feeling when you accomplish a goal, make a new one, and somebody cares.

Thank you. So very much.

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