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Friday, April 25, 2014

Lesson's From Watching Senior Capstone Presentation

This isn't from the presentation, but a room at my school similar to it.
      I'm very excited right now because I just saw an upperclassman's Senior Capstone game project proposal. I got lot's of details for what I'm going to be doing during my own senior year. I'm elated to hear that the next (and last) two "Make a game in-class" courses I have to take are single person projects where students have control over the product. That means I will make the games alone (no uncooperative teammates) and be allowed to profit from them on app stores.

     My big hold-up with profiting a group effort game was the issue of dividing profit if by some miracle things went well. It's a huge mess I don't even want to think about. If I make something for Yotes Games however, things are simple. I can't believe how exciting my senior year is shaping up to be. Too  bad this semester and the next will both be awful class wise. Every semester after will be smooth sailing though.

See more on what I'm planning below.

The two big upcoming classes are Mobile Game Design and Gaming & Simulation Capstone.

     Originally there were plans in the back of my mind for going crazy with famous characters and pre-made sprites for my senior game and mobile game projects because of no plans of ever profiting from them. For the senior capstone I was planning a Towerfall/Smash Bros game and for mobile I was going to try a simple hack n' slash. I was already plotting ways to do the minimum amount of work needed for an A grade. After hearing how I'd be doing this alone however, my mind started racing with ways to make it match-up with my Yotes Games plans.

     I considered taking the class my 2nd to last semester and using off the RPG coming after Unicorn Quest as my project but I really feel like it'll be nearly done by that point. Instead I plan to use the opportunity to make a couple small game ideas I wanted to do before. One is an arcade survival game that I replaced on my agenda with Unicorn Quest and another is a randomly-generated simplified version of the Dragon RPG I'm making my senior year. The capstone project allows me to test out combat mechanics and create things I can re-use  in my dragon game that I'll be working on alongside it. 

     More details on the games when it's time to start them. Just know the survival one will be for my mobile gaming class in Spring 2015 and the RPG will be for Spring 2016 (my last semester at school). I'm lining them up in a way that coincides with my plans to make Unicorn Quest, a turn-based pony RPG, and a Zelda style action RPG. All these combined with the school projects (that I'll likely release for free with ads) will pay off tuition and debt so that I can start working quickly on sequels that will help me fund a startup company.

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