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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, The Fire Turnabout

     I finally got started with making the game component of the project. The written version was turned in and my teacher is reviewing it to make sure the information needed is there. With a little tweaking I'll just have to put them into the game in the form of a character driven story.

     I'm focusing on a few main game components to keep this as basic as possible. Once again, this is not a fan project so much as an interesting homework assignment I can't spend too much time on. If it were up to me I wouldn't even be doing this without the world's most amazing and thought out story up my sleeve.

See how I'm starting work on the project below.

     To get things going I needed to cut out the sprites from their sheets and make independent images using Gimp and saving each as a PNG file in a Unity Asset Folder. That way I could play with each sprite and make animations with them. Getting the game into tangible form is one of the most important things for me because it makes the whole thing seem possible and it gets me excited to build on what already exists.

     The first thing I did was copy everything I could from Feed The Plant (my new simple game template) and replaced the sprites with what I needed. After that I started animating everything that came to mind. 2D Toolkit makes this whole process as simple as can be.

     My next steps are to start some basic scripts working. I need to be able to call each sprite's animation when I need to in code and make the camera feels like it's looking around the courtroom. I;m trying to balance this and making small progress with making Unicorn Quest sprites.

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